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Our team is dedicated to work with you to find simple, smart and satisfactory design solutions. We offer :

Mechanical/Electrical Design and Contract Administration

We provide an integrated Mechanical/Electrical design of HVAC, plumbing and fire protection systems including:

  • Assist in planning the facility, making due regard for efficient operation, capital cost, operating cost, and orderly expansion.
  • Assimilate user requirements and prepare conceptual design.
  • Prepare reports on alternate systems for management acceptance.
  • Establish authority for equipment and trade contracts.
  • Complete all engineering designs.
  • Prepare tender drawings and specifications,
  • Assist in tendering of projects,
  • Receive and check shop drawings
  • Make periodic inspections of the field work to ensure that it complies with the intents of the drawings and specifications, provide clarifications and interpretations to the questions arise at job meetings.
  • Arrange for as-built drawings, operating staff instructions and operating manuals.

Energy Modeling and Building Simulation

The goal of energy modeling is using computer-based tools to simulate the energy use of a building throughout an entire year of operation and assess the energy use of a building and to quantify the savings attributable to the proposed design. Properly used, energy modeling can help optimize the building design and allow the design team to prioritize investment in the strategies that will have the greatest effect on the building’s energy use. Energy modeling even can be started in conceptual design stage to ensure that efficiency goals are met with minimal complications or costs.
We are specialized in using EE4, eQUEST and HAP energy modeling programs and able to do modeling for the following purposes:

  • Energy Code Compliance (Ontario new SB-10 compliance)
  • Incentive Programs
  • Design Guidance (Schematic Design, Detail Design, Construction Phase)
  • Verify Performance (Post Occupancy, Measurement and Verification)
  • LEED Compliance Modeling

Energy Audit

The main goal of energy Audit is save energy & improve the indoor working environment.
Energy Audit consists of procedures or methods of collecting and analyzing available energy-related data in order to establish the most accurate departmental breakdown of energy consumption and identify component-based energy-saving opportunities within a facility.
During building survey/inspection we obtain information, and check the condition of followings:

  • Building envelope (dimensions and thermal performance data of walls, windows, doors, and roof)
  • Lighting (type, density)
  • HVAC, piping and Electrical equipment (age, condition, design)
  • Additional energy consumption facilities or processes

To analyze collected data, also we need a full set of drawings and specifications (architectural, mechanical, and electrical) as well as a copy of utility bills (Gas, oil and electricity) for at least past 12 months.
We can provide our knowledge and experience toward providing building energy efficiency to our clients. We considers all aspects of energy efficiency, comfort, health, and safety as part of the energy audit. Energy Audits are performed in conformance with NRCan Energy Efficiency Planning and Management Guide.
Some of the energy efficiency measures that may be suggested are:

  • Replacement of old/malfunctioning equipment with new/energy efficient equipment
  • Piping or duct insulation
  • Lighting Upgrade
  • Temperature set-back
  • HVAC retrofit with cost-effective considerations
  • Pay back calculations on invested cost

Building Condition Assessment (BCA)

Building Condition Assessment is inspection and evaluation of the condition of a facility. BCAs are done at the time of building purchase, or for due diligence, risk management, or to support re-financing. BCA’s are also performed for asset management purposes or renewal planning. A BCA can also be a useful and cost-effective tool when you’re concerned about occupant health, safety and comfort, or about escalating and frequent repair bills on the facility, or concern about code compliance. We can provide you with a customized maintenance strategy that will maximize the life of the building and its systems, and give you a cost-efficient replacement program designed to fit your financial concerns and goals. A BCA is a smart way to extend building life and reduce repair and maintenance costs.
A BCA includes the following steps:

  • Inspection of building envelope (roof, walls, window systems, doors), interior finishes, electrical/mechanical systems and accessible structural components
  • Assessment of fire/life safety and exterior site features (i.e., walkways, roadways, parking, landscaping, etc.)
  • Written and photographic documentation of each component together with observed deficiencies
  • Review of general documentation on repair/maintenance history of the elements, if available
  • Cursory review of drawings and/or previous reports pertaining to the building, if available
  • Interviews and discussions with on-site staff regarding repairs/maintenance conducted on the building
  • Compilation of findings in a formal written report including observed deficiencies, together with a list of recommendations for repair/replacement with associated estimated costs

Mechto offers the following services for Property Owners and Managers, Asset Managers, Financial Institutions, Mortgage Companies, Investor Groups; Developers, Government Institutions, and Health Care Facilities for assessment, repair and replacement of the following components:

  • Roof, wall and floor
  • Mechanical and Plumbing
  • Electrical and lighting
  • Fire and life safety systems

Our BCAs are completed in general conformance with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Practice E2018 – 01, “Standard Guide for Property Condition Assessments: Baseline Property

LEED Design/Consulting

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a rating system administered by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and Canadian Green Building council (CaGBC) designed to encourage environmentally efficient practices in existing buildings and new construction. LEED green building certification program covers the following areas: sustainable site development, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, materials and resources, indoor environmental quality and innovation and design process. LEED certification levels are certified, silver, gold or platinum.

Our ability to design sustainable/green buildings with an eye towards LEED certification (LEED NC, LEED CS, etc.) is a strength that we fully leverage on behalf of our clients. We will assist you through the LEED certification process.

As part of the process we hold a LEED "Charette" at the beginning of the project which includes key members of the design team, the client group and construction team. This workshop serves to identify LEED credits that relate to the project and identifies credits that have synergies between several different credits and the project program. This workshop enables developing a collaborative relationship as everyone strives to achieve targeted credits and the

We are LEED accredited and have the ability to bring your next "green" project to the end and should you require, help educate the team about the process. The popularity of new sustainable projects getting built in recent years has brought costs down and are now comparable with traditional construction if integrated early in a project. Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) indicate that green buildings have lower maintenance and operational costs than traditional buildings.

An added benefit of our experience as consultants with LEED experience is the ability to provide LEED consulting services. As consultants, we have the experience of project delivery from design through construction. This enables us to bring our full knowledge and experience to bear when serving as LEED consultant.

Projects that are considering LEED certification after design completion or in construction phase, require a high level of complexity since there are some credits that cannot be fulfilled if not incorporated at the start of the project. While complex, we have been able to guide the team through scenarios like these. Projects that are not designed to LEED criteria from the beginning are more difficult to administer and the scope of work has a tendency to change dramatically.


Mechto provides value-added, customer focused services and support through the development of contemporary purchasing programs and focused contract negotiations. These activities incorporate expertise of all our staff involved in purchasing and supply management. We offer a strong portfolio of industry professionals with a unique combination of procurement, consulting and marketplace experience.
Only the most reputable global manufacturers are represented to provide an integration of quality customer service with comprehensive product lines. We offer a unique personal service in its approach, while maintaining cost effectiveness in its practices.
Mechto Engineering is committed to energy conservation by maximizing product quality and procedure efficiency. We strive to provide reliable service that is sure to generate satisfaction and valuation to our clients.

We will be there every step of the way to achieve your design objectives.
About Mechto Engineering Inc.

Mechto Engineering Inc. is an engineering consulting and procurement firm based in Toronto, Canada.

The company offers integrated mechanical and electrical engineering services to meet the challenges and needs of selective clients. We have earned a reputation for delivering superior engineering design and innovative building solutions to industry leaders. Mechto’s ability to provide technical support, design and project management for building services projects offers our clients a comprehensive range of services from concept to close-out.

The firm has extensive experience and excellent track records in engineering and project management and provides experience gathered in the design of a wide range of commercial, institutional, industrial, health care and special purpose buildings. Our long-lasting client relationships are a result of consistent service and successful outcomes.

Our staff includes licensed professional engineers and LEED® Accredited Professionals. Teaming our experienced field personnel with fresh young talent encourages the exchange of ideas and serves our clients in the form of well-researched, simple, flexible solutions to complex problems within budget and on schedule.